La Fille Créative (prounounced La Fee Creative) was borne out of my love of the French language and culture, I lived in France and learned the language, and this has been integrated into my designs and inspirations. They have a romance and passion about what they do, which has been incorporated into how I work.

I'm fascinated with wire due to it's adaptability and versatility, allowing me to unleash my imagination and creativity. I'm inspired to create distinctive design; art that can become a memorable part of any home, cake or centrepiece. I love creating customised designs as I love to add that personal touch. Whether it's a memorial, a wedding cake, or a gift to a loved one, I truly enjoy being able to help create a special memory.

I am a firm believer in following your dreams and believe the sky is the limit, and my future goal will be to expand my designs, combining wire with other materials, so watch this space!