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5 Christmas Tablescape Ideas Fit for a Feast!

Looking for beautiful Christmas tablescape ideas to make your Christmas extra special?

With families able to gather this year, lots of you are really pulling out all the stops to make this the best year yet! So I'm here to make it easier for you, by sharing 5 different ways to decorate your Christmas table to suit any home decor!

Because after all... the Christmas table deserves to be just as memorable as that Christmas dinner!

Scandi Minimal

Starting with this stunning minimalist look. With fresh white table linen, simply combined with the natural Christmassy greenery, you end up with something truly stunning! To add a hint of colour, the golden candlesticks and cutlery finish it off beautifully.

You could certainly achieve this look with either real or faux greenery.

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Cosy and Moody

Now onto a complete contrast; some dark and cosy vibes. While not a typical Christmas look, this tablescape is also something very special.

With black plates, and a luxe look satin napkin, finished with a little copper ribbon and greenery, it's the perfect way to balance off the whole look. The black table really makes the greenery pop, while the warm colours of the copper baubles and faux trees creates this lovely cosy vibe.

Borrow some of the baubles from your tree to create this look at home!

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Something a Little Different

If reds and greens aren't your style, and you want something a little different to the norm, the below pink Christmas tablescape is something truly magical!

Candy canes, feather trees and even a pink Santa Claus really makes this tablescape shine! Here we see this style has been paired with gold cutlery and elegant glassware which really polishes off the design well.

This is a great example of how you can transform the traditional look into something that matches your home decor!

Photo Credit: @THE.PINK.DREAM


Next we have a modern rustic approach which is simply gorgeous! Starting with a base of greenery, they have added both a dark toned-down tartan table runner which really brings in the cosy vibes, as well as decorative antlers!

Adding the silver deer figurines as both table decor, and as a place setting finishing touch, really creates the rustic look here, without being too overbearing.

Why not forage for pinecones and other natural decor on your next winter walk? (I'd give it a quick rinse before using on your table though!)

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Finally, we're onto the traditional look. When I think of Christmas in the traditional sense, my mind goes to reds and greens, and the below tablescape does it beautifully.

Here we see a stunning combination of traditional tartan, poinsettia flowers and red accessories all laid on a crisp white table linen.

Gold and silver cutlery and accessories would work here, dependent on your home decor.

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Here is a quick roundup of the 5 ideas for you!

So there you have it! I'm hoping this has helped inspire some of you with your Christmas tablescape decor this year. Which one is your favourite?

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If there are any ideas you would like me to delve into, drop a comment below!

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